Ford Took the Lead at the Detroit Auto Show

Many people are finding it hard to believe that, with all the stuff going on in the auto industry today, that companies like Chrysler would look to do crazy things with their advertising (we refer, of course, to their socially-conscious advertisements), and Ford has found out the exact same thing. So, in all their wisdom, Ford did away with all the flash at this past Detroit Auto Show and simply showed what they had as opposed to putting up smoke screens. According to John Casesa, a market researcher at the Casesa Shapiro Group, Ford were really the only ones at the show who had anything to show at all.

The Ford press conference set the tone for the show when they took both Car and Truck of the Year awards as well as with their introduction of the new Ford Focus, which is the staple of their global campaign that we’ve spoken about. The new Focus will go into production later this year and the auto transport industry has already seen results of Ford’s Focus campaign – more Focus’ are moving now than ever before. But Ford wasn’t the only one to show something cool; Toyota introduced a brand new concept car that will pave the way for their new compact hybrid and Honda also showed their CR-Z production platform, which is similar to their CRX-2 that was discontinued at the end of the 1980’s. But it was Ford that took the show and it will be Ford that is going to lead the American companies out of this recession – that is, if the rest are willing to follow.

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