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Auto Repair

We are one of the largest, oldest and most trusted transmission service and automotive repair groups in the Lee Myles Transmissions and Auto Care nationwide network of automotive service centers. We've built our good reputation by taking care of our customers and by making sure they are provided with an honest, informative and hassle-free automotive service experience.

Transmission Service

As a result of our popularity and customer retention rate, our Flushing Lee Myles Transmission Service Center received the Presidents Cup award as the #1 Lee Myles Transmission Service and Auto Care center in North America for 8 years running. We are proud of the fact that our referrral customer base has grown to include family members as much as three generations deep.

Audi Presents

For 2007, Audi of America, Inc. has already announced all the changes that its range of 2007 model year vehicles would be receiving and sporting off. Most changes would be boasting of sportier features and appeal. The Audi vehicles would be proud of new levels in performance and these would include the Audi Q7 SUV, RS 4 sedan, A4 Cabriolet, S4 Cabriolet, S6 sedan and S8 sedan.

Auto Towing Need

All but the very luckiest of souls has, at some point, had their car towed away from them in the wake of malfunction from an automotive towing company, or worse, come out to the place it had once been parked only to find some phantom tow truck had grabbed hold of their prized possession and quickly spirited it away.

Buying A Used Car

Do some homework before you start shopping for a used vehicle. Think about what your needs are, what your driving habits are, and what your budget is. You can learn about vehicle models, options, and prices by reading dealership ads in the newspaper as well as reading the classifieds.

New Car Pricing

It's time to start spending your hard earned dollars on a valuable new vehicle purchase. But, how do you know you are paying the right value for your car? It's important to remember when trying to look into the future that a new car depreciates 20% of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot.
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Current models, including the Maxima, Altima, and Sentra, soon will be transformed into more luxurious and expensive models while a new car line, the Versa, is welcomed into the fold and sold as the automaker’s introductory model. So, why this change for Nissan? Will the automaker’s plans succeed or fail? A lot is hinging on this move by Nissan, perhaps more than meets the eye.



New technology taking the place of chrome plating with the ability to chrome plate metal as well as non-metal surfaces. Used in a wide range of industries chrome plating has become increasingly difficult in recent years. Regulations designed to protect against the safety and environmental hazards of hexavalent chrome have increased the cost of chrome plating and burdened facilities performing plating services



Tonneau covers have become the big craze these days, and for good reason. Truck bed covers give you the option of having the extra storage space your truck provides, while maintaining the look of a sharp truck. In addition, tonneau covers have actually been proven to increase gas mileage while protecting your possession from the elements.Tonneau covers have become the big craze these days.

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Easy maintenance tips to prolong your car’s life

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How to ensure the best mileage for your car

With spiraling gasoline prices, it is but natural that you would want to get the best mileage out of your car. And if you have been taking proper care of […]

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We provides multiples Transport Services and Vehicles also You can buy Cars from here. The reason to buy cars from these places is trust.